Teach (verb) – To impart knowledge, to give information about, to cause someone to learn or understand.

What do your car conversations sound like? How about your bedtime conversations? Or your preparing dinner/during dinner conversations? Do we really take the time to impart snippets of knowledge into our kids that could help them not only learn more about our world but get them dreaming of a new adventure?

We’ve all heard the term that ‘kids are sponges’ and that they soak up so much information at such a young age, which is so true. I really believe that filling their minds with general knowledge about our amazing world will always keep their eyes open, their minds dreaming and their feet wandering throughout their whole life.

So do you think you can take on our challenge?

Here at The World And Kids we challenge you to teach your kids 5 things about a place in the world each week. It’s really simple (thanks to the internet!) and to make it even easier we are going to get you started by choosing a place and sharing about it on our video blog.

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Make sure you keep in touch with us and let us know how your going by tagging #teachthemtheworld and #theworldandkids. You can comment here or on any of our social media platforms too. We look forward to hearing from you!

We can’t always show them the world, especially not all of it, but we can teach them the world and forever inspire them.

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