What is a Family Travel Planner?

When it comes to family holidays we parents like to be organised. We all know that coming up with the itinerary, doing the research, making sure the family dietary requirements are met, special needs are catered for, bucket list attractions are ticked off and that we have a great place to rest our heads at night can be very time consuming and just plain hard work! That is where we come in. A Family Travel Planner will take the reigns of your family holiday and provide you with a custom built itinerary so you can simply enjoy your holiday without spending hours planing it. Your itinerary will include domestic and internal transport options, accommodation recommendations including more than just hotels (we think outside the box!), activities and attractions, eating out suggestions catering to your families dietary requirements, any local knowledge we know or can find out including things like local supermarkets and good coffee spots, booking links to make your bookings at your leisure and a PDF and interactive smartphone app version of your itinerary to easily travel with.

Why do you charge a fee for your service and how are you different to a Travel Agent?

We don’t work based on a commission structure which enables us to plan your trip based on your requirements and desires, not based on money in our pocket from bookings made with affiliate companies only. Finding accommodation that meets our client requirements and for the best price is of upmost importance to us. That means we can suggest any kind of accommodation, attractions, transport, tours or self tours. The package fees cover our time spent putting together your itinerary and putting time back into your family!

Why do we book our own flights, attractions and certain accommodation based on your recommendations?

Planning the best itinerary and finding the best prices for your family holiday is how we want to spend most of our time and how we can keep our package prices to a minimum. Giving clients the freedom and control to book their own transport, certain accommodation and attractions via the links provided means that you have the ability to book at your leisure over time and not in one lump sum to us. Don’t worry though, we can help you out during the booking process if you need it.


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